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This Energy-Sharing Solar House and Hybrid Car Are the Ultimate Off-The-Grid Fantasy

Photo © ORNL

Source: Gizmodo

What if you could live and drive without having to depend on traditional energy or fuel? That’s what a new prototype from Oak Ridge National Lab means to do—and it brings new meaning to “off-grid” living. AMIE is a 3D-printed house equipped with solar panels and a 3D-printed utility car–together, they create an electrical symbiosis between the building and the vehicle, showcasing the possibilities of going completely off-the-grid for long periods of time. …

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), the architecture and engineering firm which designed the building itself, say the 28-foot-long home was designed to be as strong as possible while as light as possible, as well as very sleek to avoid incurring more energy usage. One benefit of printing the structure? They say they could embed things like insulation and moisture barriers into the printed “shell,” speeding up construction time and reducing waste.

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