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These Schools Are Pushing the Boundaries of Design

Photo: Stark Video, Inc. | Aerial NY © SOM

Source: TakePart

While children are encouraged to be individuals and let their talents set them apart, their schools are not. Generally, they’re big boxes with hallways, classrooms, administrators’ offices, and maybe a cafeteria and a basketball court. Each student has different needs, and educators and architects around the world have expanded the vision of school architecture to reflect those needs.​


P.S. 62, or The Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability, generates as much energy as it uses through the solar panels on the roof. For peak efficiency, the buildings also use half the energy of the average New York City school. Being green is at the core of the school’s curriculum, and interactive display monitors, an on-campus greenhouse, and a vegetable garden where students learn to grow their own food help educators teach the “sustainability leaders” of the future the importance of conservation.

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