The Type Directors Club Awards The Strand's Environmental Graphics Program

The Type Directors Club (TDC) has awarded The Strand’s environmental graphics and wayfinding with a Certificate of Typographic Excellence in the 2016 TDC Communication Design Competition. One of 379 winners selected from over 2000 entries from 49 countries, the project will be published in Typography 37, the annual book of design competition winners, and shown at the 62nd Awards Exhibition in New York City. Highly respected within the design community, the TDC’s annual competition highlights the best typographic work in both communication and typeface design from studios and individuals across the world.

As part of SOM's transformation of The Strand from derelict cinema to reenergized theater facility, American Conservatory Theater’s identity was modified to reflect the focus of its new building: new work, emerging artists, education, and community outreach. Existing brand fonts were adapted into stencil letterforms—a staple of backstage labeling—to convey the unadorned immediacy of experimental theater and reflect the gritty, transitional aspects of The Strand’s neighborhood.

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