SOM Named a Finalist for Two San Francisco 2016 Excellence in Business Awards

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce has selected SOM as a finalist for two 2016 Excellence in Business Awards (Ebbies). The annual program recognizes businesses in the Bay Area for their innovation, vision, and contributions to quality of life in the community and workplace.

SOM's 350 Mission has been announced as a finalist in the Building San Francisco category, which honors a brick-and-mortar project that enhances the Chamber’s focus on economic development, housing, transportation, and quality of place. SOM is also a finalist for the Global Impact Award. Sponsored by the San Francisco Center for Economic Development, this award honors contributions by a company or an individual to the city's position as a global innovation hub.

Winners will be announced at the Ebbies gala event in San Francisco on November 16th. More than 600 of the Bay Area's top-level business leaders are expected to attend.

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