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SOM Leaders to Present at CTBUH Conference in Shanghai

Three SOM leaders will present at the CTBUH Shanghai Conference, “Future Cities: Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism.” This year, the three-day event will feature panels, speakers, and workshops that examine how tall buildings can be more sustainably designed by considering the city as a whole.

On September 16, SOM Structural and Engineering Partner Mark Sarkisian will present at a technical workshop titled “Considering The Whole Life Cycle.” Drawing upon concepts developed in his paper “Embodied Carbon in Our Future Cities,” Sarkisian will add his expertise to a discussion on life-cycle engineering.

On September 17, SOM Director of Sustainable Engineering Luke Leung will present ideas from his paper, “21st Century Metropolis and the System Thinker,” at an afternoon workshop titled “The Sustainable Threshold for Tall.” Leung will explore how buildings, districts, and cities can be designed not only as individual, self-contained projects, but also as integrated pieces of larger city and regional networks. Increasing connectedness, Leung will argue, decreases resource consumption and increases the quality of life.

On September 18, SOM Architectural Technical Director Eric Tomich will join Sarkisian to give a lecture at Tongji University on the subject of “Innovative and Integrated Design of Architecture & Structure.”

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