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SOM Experts Lead Supertall Buildings Course at Pratt Institute

This fall semester, Gary Haney, SOM Design Partner, and Aybars Asci, SOM Design Director, are leading an integrated seminar and studio on supertall buildings at Pratt Institute in New York City.

The SOM Supertall Building Seminar is an in-depth study of supertall residential buildings and the concept of efficiency. Students are asked to apply the theoretical findings and building science principles of this seminar to a series of prompts in the SOM Supertall Building Studio, which culminates in the development of designs for a supertall residential tower located on a site on 57th Street in Manhattan.

In both courses, Haney and Asci are regularly joined by fellow experts from SOM. On October 6, SOM Structural and Engineering Partner Mark Sarkisian, SOM Director Nicole Dosso, and SOM Associate Elizabeth Boone served as critics for the four-hour advanced studio, which is pictured above, as well as Blake Middleton, Partner at Handel Architects.