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Sky High: SOM Creates a Crystal Tower Fit for Baccarat in New York

Photo © Albert Vecerka | Esto

Source: Wallpaper Magazine

American architects SOM have designed the latest piece in Baccarat's growing collection of works of art - probably the largest addition yet. The project is a two-tone tower in New York City that embodies the elegance and artistry of the 250-year old crystal manufacturer. 'Baccarat is equally well known for their product and distinctive packaging,' explains SOM design partner Gary Haney. 'Our approach to the design was to create an elegant, timeless and urban 'wrapper' for the luxury within.' 

Located in one of the city's most prestigious neighbourhoods, this 650-foot 'urban wrapper' stands gracefully over Edward Durrell Stone's iconic MoMA building, a fact the architects were careful not to ignore. The opaque, jet-black aluminium east and west facades provide a striking contrast to the crystal-clear north and south elevation and as Gary Haney explains, 'the black faceted panels reference the minimalism of the neighbouring MoMA building.'

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