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ORNL Demos Their New Integrated 3D-Printed Home and Vehicle

Photo © ORNL


AMIE was conceived only a year ago, and to already have transitioned from concept to functional prototype is impressive all on its own, but add to that the advanced technology that was developed to make it work and it is nothing short of breath taking. The AMIE project connects a natural gas-powered hybrid electric vehicle to a solar-powered structure and creates a fully integrated energy system shared between both. AMIE is also a showcase for potential construction and vehicle fabrication applications for additive manufacturing technology.

The advances showcased by AMIE, if incorporated into the United States’ modern power grid, could potentially solve the current housing shortage, our over reliance on fossil fuels and the disastrous environmental impact that both problems cause. But the technology developed could also for the first time bring clean, reliable and stable energy production to nations that do not have the same infrastructure as the United States. Realistically, AMIE could transform developing nations into fully developed nations virtually overnight. 

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