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Inside Salesforce's Zen-Heavy, Eco-Groovy, Starchitect-Designed New Building

Image © SOM | AJSNY

Source: Curbed

Salesforce’s new building at 350 Mission Street doesn’t have a setting on the thermostat that measures everyone’s karma. But they’re probably working on it. The company's new space is saturated with the holistic sensibilities of CEO Marc Benioff, from the Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood on the tiles in the lobby, all the way up to the employee Zen lounges, partly designed by the Vietnamese monks who crashed at Benioff’s place for several months last year. ...

The new 30-story, 450,000-square-foot building (a SOM design, with interiors by Gensler) has been dubbed Salesforce East and will house roughly 10 percent of the company’s 6,000 San Francisco employees.

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