Hundreds Gather to Celebrate Launch of SOM Thinkers Book Series

On June 11, 2015, more than 200 architects, journalists, and academics zoomed up to the 64th floor of One World Trade Center to celebrate "The Future of the Skyscraper." Published by Metropolis Books, this first volume in SOM Thinkers will be available for sale starting June 23, 2015.

The new book series engages readers in a dialogue about quality in the built environment, with each installment focused on a single topic. The conversation is meant to be as accessible as it is visionary: Participants in each volume of SOM Thinkers are respected both for their expertise in their respective fields, and an ability to translate next-generation ideas into plain language. "The Future of the Skyscraper" is edited by Philip Nobel, and contributing authors Tom Vanderbilt, Matthew Yglesias, Diana Lind, Will Self, Emily Badger, and Dickson Despommier exemplify both the intelligence and approachability that will become the hallmarks of the long-term publication initiative.

"The Future of the Skyscraper" imagines a world in which supertall construction becomes normative, and debates the social, physical, and artistic consequences of that status. Nobel, Vanderbilt, and Despommier were on hand at the June 11 party to discuss that milieu, and to toast SOM's efforts to enhance the public's awareness of design excellence.