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Here's Why Chicago's Chinatown is Booming, Even as Others Across the U.S. Fade

Photo © Jon Miller | Hedrich Blessing

Source: Chicago Tribune​

At a time when traditional urban Chinatowns in Manhattan, San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia are fading due to gentrification and changing cultural landscapes, Chicago's Chinatown is growing larger — becoming what experts say could be a model for Chinatown survival in the U.S. ...

And in August, the city opened a two-story, $19.1 million branch of the Chicago Public Library on South Wentworth. The building, with a steel and glass frame that forms a vessel of natural light, has both an architectural and civic presence, and has attracted about 1,500 people a day. It caters to Chinese-speaking patrons, as many residents turn to the library for English classes.

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