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Forces at Play: SOM’s Bill Baker Makes Structural Engineering Fun

A shot of the models on display at "SOM: Engineering x [Art + Architecture]" Photo ©​ Danielle Campbell

Source: Wallpaper

The question that Bill Baker, partner and chief engineer at SOM, asks himself when he travels to Shanghai, among other places, is: have we run out of good ideas?

On a mission to ensure that his team keeps asking questions and finding solutions, in whichever order, he initiated 'SOM: Engineering x [Art + Architecture],' a book and exhibition that present ideas and projects explored by the 'Research Gang' at SOM – an informal and voluntary group of engineers interested in pioneering new technologies with substance.


'We're doing all these giant buildings, but this kind of stuff gets us grounded again. The details matter,' says Baker, who, with his colleague engineer Christian Hartz, joined Wallpaper for a stroll around the exhibition.

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