Center for Character & Leadership Development Wins 2017 Lumen Award

Photo © Magda Biernat

The New York City chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESNYC) presented the Center for Character & Leadership Development (CCLD) with the Award of Excellence in the 2017 Lumen Awards. Now in its 49th year, the award program celebrates projects that feature innovative uses of lighting to create comprehensive and thoughtful solutions.

CCLD is located on the campus of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. The building's most prominent feature, a 105-foot-tall skylight, symbolically serves as a navigation aid and as a reminder of the Academy’s core values. Shaped like an aircraft tailfin, the glass-enclosed structure precisely aligns with the North Star. The skylight also provides ample natural light to the space below. CCLD's truss system of horizontal plates acts as both a sunshade and light reflector. Additional lighting features include glass fritting to reduce glare and heat gain and reflective panels that diffuse artificial lighting to provide a uniform pattern of illumination.

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